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Links to licensing reference set entries that detail the sa software assurance benefits for major microsoft products, identifying highvalue benefits that may justify the additional cost and low value benefits that dont. Rapid response to support queries on the priority support forum, or by email. The software development effort is being managed by the software project manager spm and the project engineer pe. Service manager is constantly undergoing research and development to ensure that the product features and technology remain abreast with market trends, business processes and user requests. Activate and use your microsoft software assurance. Microsoft volume license customers with software assurance benefits can use training vouchers to access instructorled technical training courses and support material at no additional cost. Unique technologies, services, and rights help you deploy, manage, and use microsoft products efficiently. Software assurance is especially important for organizations critical to public safety and economic and national security. In 2011 the center for devices and radiological health cdrh initiated the case for quality, a new program that identified barriers in the current validation of software in medical devices guidance released in 2002. Software assurance training benefit product catalog. Planning, training, and home use are popular benefits, but software assurance doesnt stop there. Software assurance training vouchers satv microsoft.

Technical instructorled training is available to help technical professionals plan, deploy, administer, configure, maintain, and support windows. Customers will no longer accrue training voucher days. Right now, from where i sit, i see a computer with 12 tabs open, a cell phone with half a dozen apps that i use every hour, an ipad, an automatically. Software is a part of all of our lives that we cant extract. For example, the bsi website includes a number of papers that were presented at the making the business case for software assurance workshop in september 2008. Software assurances training benefit provides technical training through the software assurance training vouchers. The microsoft software assurance training voucher satv benefit offers classroom training options to help get your it staff uptospeed or boost their skills and knowledge on the latest microsoft operating systems, enterpriseready applications, and software development tools. Training must be completed before the voucher expires. Crossplatform development, microsoft visual studio.

Software assurance helps boost organizational productivity with 24x7 technical support, deployment planning services, enduser and technical training. Software assurance in the agile software development lifecycle. The cert cybersecurity engineering and software assurance professional certificate program targets softwarereliant systems engineering and acquisition activities to infuse an awareness of cybersecurity and an approach to identifying security requirements, engineering risk, and supply chain risk early in the. The benefits manager can then assign it to someone else. The main objective of software assurance is to ensure that the processes, procedures, and products used to produce and. Planning and training vouchers are being eliminated and replaced with the fasttrack program and online training tools. Cert cybersecurity engineering and software assurance professional certificate. Sign into the partner center dashboard select mpn from the menu, then select programs select software assurance enrollment select the planning services program enrollment tab at the top of the page. Training vouchers can no longer be converted to planning services days.

Software assurance training benefits help build technical skills and ready it professionals, developers, and end users for the latest wave of microsoft technologies. Many software organizations try to achieve software quality by focusing on testing activities that are normally done after the product has been put together by the development team. Microsoft software assurance training voucher satv redemption. Windows virtual desktop access rights vda enables users to access virtual instances of windows in a variety of user scenarios. Microsoft is now updating software assurance benefits, which includes the retirement of software assurance training vouchers, or satvs. Software assurance swa is defined as the level of confidence that software is free from vulnerabilities, either intentionally designed into the software or accidentally inserted at any time during its lifecycle, and that the software functions in the intended manner. Software assurance planning services in partner center. Software assurance training benefits help build technical skills and ready it professionals and developers. Applicable to microsoft software assurance training voucher msatv programme this document applies to the microsoft software assurance training voucher programme and is entered into between you and qa limited company number 0247 with registered office at rath house, 5565 uxbridge road, slough, berkshire, sl1 1sg. Software assurance swa is the justified confidence that the software functions as intended and is free of exploitable vulnerabilities, either intentionally or unintentionally designed or inserted as part of the system at any time during the lifecycle. You will work with the software development team, using an agile software development framework, to create user stories and deliver software functionality.

One hour of free training or consulting each time you renew. Clients may use sa training vouchers to attend free classes at onlc. Microsoft announce upcoming changes to three software assurance. These help boost productivity by providing training to ensure effective and efficient deployment, management, support, and adoption of new microsoft software without impacting your training budget. Microsoft software assurance changes to favor fasttrack. If the training voucher is in assigned status, the company benefits manager can revoke it so that the training days can be reassigned. Software assurance methods additional guidance in ppp outline and guidance development process apply assurance activities to the procedures and structure imposed on software development operational system implement countermeasures to the design and acquisition of enditem software products and their interfaces development environment. The overall benefits available with software assurance are shown in a software assurance benefits summary document pdf download. Software development the software assurance maturity model samm is an open framework to help organizations formulate and implement a strategy for software security that is tailored to the specific risks facing the organization. Redeem your microsoft software assurance training vouchers. Software assurance benefits across microsoft volume licensing programs. When purchasing a buildsoft license, a annual software assurance subscription is included for the first year, and can be renewed each subsequent year.

Supervise the software quality assurance team to include training and development, coaching, support, and performance management drive test automation as a core competency manage resource allocation for initiatives that require functional, regression andor performance manual, performance and automation testing. Apply to quality assurance manager, learning and development manager, program manager and more. Your software assurance benefits administrator assigns training vouchers on the microsoft volume license services center vlsc website. Dit gebeurt eenmalig om alle vouchers te activeren. Software assurance training benefits help boost productivity by providing indepth, instructorled technical classroom training for it professionals and developers, and opportunities to enhance enduser readiness, all designed to ensure effective and efficient deployment, management, support and adoption of new microsoft software without. Manager learning development quality assurance jobs. What are the future benefits in quality assurance training. Guide to microsoft software assurance training vouchers satvs software assurance training voucher guide for benefits managers. Acis management structure certain members of the quality function have two reporting functions. To help verify your companys eligibility to enroll in a specific planning services engagement. Director, software quality assurance career portals. What is software assurance and what benefits it provides. For practitioners who want to delve deeper into software assurance, the bsi website provides a wealth of information to aid in tying security into all development activities.

Cert cybersecurity engineering and software assurance. Software assurance by benefit microsoft volume licensing. Note these important satv deadlines, so you dont miss out on this free. Some benefits, such as windows to go, are already deprecated. Click on any software assurance benefit name for a brief description. Your software assurance benefits are determined by your volume licensing agreement such as an enterprise agreement or open value agreement and the number of qualifying licenses that you have with software assurance. Microsoft has announced they are retiring the software assurance training voucher satv benefit. This course is intended to provide a broad introduction into the general concepts of software quality, compliance with iso 9001 and tickit and developments internationally in this field. Some accrued software assurance benefits will be modified or eliminated starting in 2020. Redeem your microsoft software assurance sa training. Every project manager and every test managers know that this is not a very effective way to assure the quality of the application. You will see a green check mark next to any requirements or competencies you have already. Software assurances training benefit provides technical training through the software assurance training vouchers satv program.

Microsoft software assurance training voucher satv. Microsoft is updating software assurance training vouchers beginning in. It ensures that that software built as per sqa procedures are of specified quality. To determine your software assurance benefits, use. A training voucher is valid for 180 days after it is created and assigned. Entitlement summary commercial and government offerings new version rights licensed products with software assurance coverage can be upgraded to the latest version of that product made available during the covered period. Your software assurance benefits administrator assigns training vouchers on the. Benefits in partnership with the international foundation of employee benefit plans, shrm offers a variety of courses providing the latest information on benefits planning and. Support incidents will be eliminated, and only customers. Software assurance training vouchers satv are provided by microsoft to their volume licensing clients. You get a broad range of benefits that help you make the most of your windows, office, and server products. In this task, the sqa team monitors the development process and measures parameters of the software project, based on which a decision on the assurance of the software is provided. Software assurance by product microsoft volume licensing. Performance assurance manager pam with assistance from a software quality assurance sqa engineer.

The key objective of the software assurance program is to shift the security paradigm from patch management to software assurance. Software assurance training benefits help boost productivity by providing training to ensure effective and efficient deployment, management, support, and adoption of new microsoft software without impacting your training budget. Microsoft updates to software assurance sa, beginning february. The current guidance focuses on software, which is an integral part of the medical. Software assurance benefits for bss software products annual. Microsoft announced retirement of software assurance deployment planning services and software assurance training voucher benefits on. You will work with marketing communications to define the gotomarket strategy, helping them understand the product positioning, key benefits, and target customers. Microsoft is investing in new ways to help organizations deploy, train, and get support for the products and services they buy. Because those new ways overlap with some dated and underused. In an attempt to overcome both of these hurdles, this paper presents a software assurance approach that is tightly woven into the agile software development lifecycle and emphasizes the benefits that agile development best practices can have on the security posture of a software system.

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