Iec958 s pdif ubuntu software

However, they are either from ancient versions of ubuntu that are no. This is a problem because it is this interface that kodi will want to use for passthrough and it is sending the spdif signal to the analogue output. I have wired this and it works fine and is a selectable option in ubuntu and xubuntu so the hardware is good. How to enable iec958 spdif on cmi8738 in ubuntu linux. Am i at the right place to ask this kind of a question. Spdif s maximum word length is 20 bits, it includes the serial copy management system scms copy protection bits, and it can carry index markers and start ids in its subcode. Iec958 is basically the same data stream as aesebu, but electronically is unbalanced, at a lower voltage, and on a coaxial connector. Linux ubuntu how to make spdif output work for beginners. Hdmi is named as such under linux note from redactor. For information, iec958 corresponds to optical output and or digital rca.

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