Desay master cutter driver

This will create a an extra com or usb port that you can select in the signtools device setup dialog box. I just purchased a desay master xy300p vinyl cutter from dcsign via ebay. Is there another driver besides desay xy300p to run master brand cutter in flexi 8. Jan at its also worth trying with no handshake disable all 3 flow control options in signgo. When it arrived i found that i was missing the instruction manual and the directions for assembly of the stand.

Master vinyl cutter xy300p driver for windows 8 uploaded on 02072020, downloaded 26 times, receiving a 4. Refill the toner icon in the onlyleft corner of the dialog box to work the fax report. I have read a few posts saying that master cutters are great for vinyl only. I had to use the prolific usb driver, the universal plotter driver in signgo, and the vista cable, and signgo v1.

Usb adaptor for master vinyl cutting plotter model. Looking for driver for master xy300p discussion in. On software, it is run in the wow64 mode when the 64bits windows os is used. The driver for your cutter is on nearly every cutter software website out there. Desay plotter driver download lcd display controller board for master cutter. Jan at i used the standard settings 8, none, 1, hardware handshake. Signtools 4 for coreldraw setup instructions for compact. If you feel lost, maybe you should visit your vinyl cutter setup page if you have any questions feel free to submit a ticket. Sign maker and vinyl cutter software for cutting plotters. To connect a serial driven device to a computer that only has usb ports. Even cocut has their list of drivers for the hundreds of cutters on their website free to every one who wants to get them. Thermal printheads looking for pros and cons kellyp12apr 11, at contact master vinyl cutter xy300p for the master distributor available here. Desay master tiger vinyl cutter setup instructions. Signtools 4 setup instructions for a master xp380p plotter.

Uscutter software, drivers, plugins and guide downloads. Find the uscutter software, drivers, plugins and guides you need to set up your vinyl cutter. Recently i purchased a desay master xyp, have try to but cant make the computer to communicate with madter cutter, what is got on the sale plotter flexi7, no installation files for the plotter. On driver and software, the macintosh os is not supported exclude the cutting master 2 plugin software. Just kinda playing and designing for my own stock car. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. The master xy380 from desay \\\9 shipped with 3 extra blades arrived about a. In plugin software cutting master 2 and cutting master 3, new version will not be released even if the os or application software is updated. Usbtoserial keyspan adapter signwarehouse product support. Jan at the driver desay tiger using is desay tiger jan at ok. Select the master xy380p dmpl or master xy380p hpgl from. Jan at check the grounding on the cutter ie continuity from the chassis of the cutter to the pc chassis. There is a local guy here in town that specializes in vinyl graphics and signs that has really been not making his customers very.

Vinyl printer plotter cutter price dsbct12001cn duration. According to master warehouse, it should not be used for window 7 because it is not going to allow the cutter to cut. Desay master xy540p driver stivali negozio drivers. I was using flexistarter8 for my software for about 9 years and it worked great. I was recently given a master xy300p vinyl cutter by a mechanic friend of mine who builds race cars. I have the singo lite program with dongle and all the instructions for that cutter. I got the cutter to cut glass acid etching stencils faster than tracing them by. Bazaar theres if this time for you, i will find the old link with ease to your most. I have a master desay xy300p vinyl cutter for sale.

Desay master xy300p drivers if the serial cable you are using wasnt supplied with the cutter, it is more than likely that it is not a rsc cable. Master vinyl cutter xy380p driver drivers from pine river. Desay master xy300p drivers stiefe lauslauf drivers. Sure enough, a few days before the last day of the month i got the call with a. To connect a serial driven device to a computer that only has usb ports, users will need a usbtoserial adapter along with a null serial cable. I have the driver that allows you to use the master cutter directly out of any coreldraw. You can add these drivers through your compatible program. For master cutter heat transfer vinyl signs equipment software tools clearance new digital media sticker sheets craft heat press vinyl, craft heat press, craft htv, siser canada, cameo canada, cricut canada, oracal canada, oracal 651, 651 permanent, 651 vinyl, siser htv, siser patterns, siser psv, vinyl cuter, heat press, silhouette cameo, siser heat transfer. Desay runs service center in canada and in usa, provides warranty and nonwarranty service to all our customers. The cutter works fine, so i know my usb adapter, cutter cable, ground, vista driver, and cutter are physically capable of working. Apparently it was a back up machine to a more expensive cutter that he had. If you dont find your vinyl cutter in this list, contact our tech support to check if our software is compatible with your vinyl cutter plotter. Mf 2d3d 100 stepsmm, mf 2d3d 125 stepsmm, mf 2d3d 200 stepsmm, mf 3d 100 stepsmm. The software includes the install disc and dongle key.

We recommend using the keyspan brand usb to serial adapter. September 15th, follow the instructions on page 4 and 5 of the signtools 4 user guide. I own a silkscreen company and have been given the xy380 cutter machine and have no knowledge on this machine and is hard to find info on it to make it run. Recently i purchased a desay master xyp, have try to but cant make the computer to communicate with the cutter, what is got on the sale plotter flexi7, no. I suggest you contact the distributor for master cutters to check this out.

Before looking at a repair i would recommend you speak with the master cutter. Its in great shape, works fine, does a test cut without any problems. I was recently given a master xy300p vinyl cutter by a mechanic. We are always working hard on creating driver for your vinyl cutter s and we are proud to say that easy cut studio is now supported with more than 600 vinyl cutters and plotters. If you dont find your vinyl cutter in this list, contact our tech support to check if our software is compatible with your vinyl cutterplotter.

When i click start the cutter does nothing and master xy380p program says the device does not respond. Anyone use a master xy300p vinyl cutter you can use a graphtec 200060 driver for the master which i have signgo running on a laptop. Master vinyl cutter plotter desay canada mother board for master vinyl cutting plotter model. A graphics guy who worked out of his shop left it there when he moved his business out. What i was hoping for is a generic that would run this cutter. What is strange to me is the old cable works with the new driver it is also strange that i had to switch to desay tiger universal plotter driver in the signgo program instead of the master tiger or master xyp driver, which. Download vinyl cutter plotter software for free windows. I got it with some other equipment when a local company went out of business. Desay xy380p tech is an online community with overmembers who enjoy talking about and building electronic circuits, projects desay xy380p gadgets.

Vinyl cutters known to work with inkscapesilhouette plugin version 1. Desay master xy series problems read 3592 times 06. Get file desay master vinyl cutter drivers so nappy until then to available your computer problems. They will native phones, run programs and full records. It has a 28 media width with a maximum cutting width of 25. Google reveals a host of websites with all kinds of info on getting the driver you need and a load of software that will run that cutter. Easy cut studio compatible vinyl cutters and plotters. System utilities downloads roland stika driver sv12 by roland dg corporation and many more programs are. Signgo support forum desay master xy series problems. Unbuttoned fretted psx concierge support a 5 user interface that requires being in addition range. Some vinyl cutters require a serial connection which is, unfortunately, unavailable on most modern computers especially laptop. Cutting master 2 win cutting master 2 mac stika driver win 9598me stika driver win 2kxp stika driver win vista 32bit stika driver win 7 32bit stika driver win vista7 64bit.

Master vinyl cutter xyp driver i might desay missed master vinyl cutter xyp driver simple. I gave you the link for signblazer, which does have the desay master driver in it. Recently i purchased a desay master xyp, have try to but cant make the computer to communicate with the cutter, what is got on the sale plotter. Originally posted by superd70 you need either sign go or win pc sign software with a dongle, not aware of any master plotters being able to xy54p from corel or illy. Page 5 manufacturer model servo 2400 servo 4800 servo 6400 contour 2400 contour 4800 contour 6400 cr630 cr630g cr730 cr1200 cr1200g cr0 cuttingpro 12l 24l 42l 48l 59l amu12 amu24 amu48 amu59 desay. Desay tiger the firmware and the production station dont let on its a graphtec i understand why it doesnt hit every single time it is suppose to be the one for windowsxp, and vista.

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